From individual frequency regulators, pressure transmitters or heating regulators, through to a comprehensive flow-speed systems, including process control. 

Electroproject creates energy-saving and process-improving systems for your pumps and fans in building such as boiler rooms and chilling towers. Your climate management, building automation and hot and cold water storage are all very familiar territory to us.

As we implement controlled start-up of your motors, they suffer less damage to bearings, wear out, downtime and have lower maintenance costs. We are happy to provide you with good advice for the right applications.

We can support you with the following:

> Recommendations regarding the best/performance ratio for your
> Applications.
> Thinking up concepts together
> Interpreting legislation properly
> Process optimisation
> Engineering and implementation
> Commissioning equipment

Service and commissioning

Being able to react quickly is of great importance to your operational processes. We also offer the following: