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Would you like to save millions of dollars on drilling costs every year? 
Electroproject Soft Torque (EPST®) prevents the drilling head from becoming stuck and then suddenly release again (called 'stick-slip'). Our independent regulation system has been successfully implemented on tens of new and existing drilling platforms around the world.

Leading operators such as Shell, Total and Saudi Aramco benefit from the Electroproject Soft Torque systems every day. Shell and Saudi Aramco have even made the Soft Torque system compulsory for all their contractors.

Your benefits include:

  1. ·         Constant drilling speed
  2. ·         Up to 60% greater ‘rate of penetration’
  3. ·         Up to 40% less wear on the drilling heads
  4. ·         Greater safety through even drilling: less vibration and abrupt movements
  5. ·         Simple installation in modern drive systems (new and existing)
  6. ·         Ultramodern data logging

You can find more information about Soft Torque on the Electroproject website: www.softtorque.com (EN)




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