Availability and reliability of your plant and equipment is crucially important to you.

Moreover, you want sustainable solutions, innovation, optimisation and low energy consumption. Our solutions are made to measure, economically sensible, high technical quality and innovative. So is your production process.

Electroproject delivers Power quality, emergency power plants, controls, UPS systems and sustainable power sources that guarantee you operational security 24/7/365.

Energiesystemen has sector-specific knowledge and experience in order to design, execute, commission, test, maintain and repair your power and emergency power facilities. In addition to your requirements, the focus lies on simple controls, sustainability, environmental consideration, quality management and yields.

Preventative maintenance prevents unplanned stoppages and ensures continuity of your core business.

We deploy wide-ranging measuring technologies for checking the condition of your electric motors, generators, pumps, fans, gearboxes, compressors and internal combustion engines.  From vibration and fluid analyses, through to thermography and endoscopy.

Electroproject guarantees the quality and reliability over the long-term.