Electroproject and Reel

Electroproject and REEL signed a collaborative agreement to promote Reel's Suprême IE4 Synchronous reluctance motor in the Netherlands.

The most efficient non-magnetic motor in the world
The REEL SuPremE drive is the most environmentally-friendly solution for making the necessary industrial applications energy efficient. Thanks to the effective interaction between the REEL motors and the frequency converters, this product offers unequalled efficiency. 

Potential energy savings of more than 70%
Applying the REEL SuPremE® motor with speed controller can substantially lower energy consumption: the motor alone offers potential savings of 30%. There is also the substantial savings of 60% thanks to the speed controller working in conjunction with the REEL inverter.

Ahead of its time
The energy efficiency levels for IE4 (IEC/CD 60034-30 Ed.2) have already been achieved, so that the EU requirements will be met even after 2017.

Because the motor is made without magnetic materials, the general environmental impact is lower than that for synchronous motors with permanent magnets and asynchronous motors.

Thanks to the use of non-critical materials with a long life-cycle and the thoroughly tested reluctance motor principle, the REEL SuPremE® motors are longer-lasting and more reliable than other types of motors. Compatible Wherever an asynchronous IE2 motor has already been installed, the dimensionally equivalent REEL SuPremE® motor will run efficiently.  


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REEL brochure