Electromagnetic solutions

Magnetise your life

A day never goes by when you do not come into contact with an application that uses solonoids. The door locking system in your car, the washing machine, the checkout at the supermarket, the holding magnets of your office doors - all of them controlled or held in place by electromagnets.

As the importer of Kendrion magnetic systems, Electroproject helps to find the most innovative solutions for all sorts of applications with its wide range of:

·         Door holding magnets
·         Locking magnets
·         Linear push &pull magnaets/solenoids AC and DC
·         Rotating magnets /solenoids
·         Vibration magnets /solenoids
·         (Permanent) electro holding magnets
·         Atex magnets
·         Customer-specific miniature magnets

Additional for the Fire & Security market, Electroproject produces and supplies GTV-A DC power supplies for door magnets and door closers.

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