Softtorque EPST

Advanced  Soft Torque will become the new standard for Stick Slip mitigation.

New developments such as Advanced Soft Torque and Soft Torque AutoTuning have placed Electroproject as the 'Soft Torque technology champion' in the market. 

AutoTune will raise the ease of use and Advanced Soft Torque provides substantially better Stick Slip mitigation compared to standard Soft Torque technology.  This have been approved by the many reports of our customers.

Stick Slip 
Mitigating 'Stick Slip' and 'Down-hole' vibrations remains one of the biggest challenges with drilling operations. Vibration can cause the following:

• Extra wear on the drill head.
• Damage to the borehole channel.
• Damage to the top drive mechanism.

Stick slip not only causes delays to the penetration speed of the drill head, but also increases wear on the various drilling components so that they have to be replaced regularly, with all the associated costs and loss of time. The search has been on for a long time to find the proper solution.  Both 'Down-hole' (near the drilling head) and at the Top Drive. However, without any reliable results.

Successful Stick Slip mitigation
Electroproject expertise and out-of-the-box thinking proved to be the key to successful application of Soft Torque technology that was originally developed by Shell in the 1990's.

The solution
Electroproject’s Soft Torque (EPST) has demonstrated that substantial savings in drilling time can be achieved so that operators can reduce their drilling costs by tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars annually. This has been approved by many reports of our custumers. In the meantime EPST (Electroproject Soft Torque) has become 'Proven technology' and  Advance Soft Torque and Soft Torque Autotuning have entered the market.

More information is available on Electroproject's English language Soft Torque (EN)




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