The solution to grid congestion

Eliminate grid congestion with the PowerBooster
Prevents costly interruptions due to energy shortages
Reduce your CO2 emissions and contribute to a greener future

Eliminate grid congestion with Electroproject's PowerBooster

The Dutch energy network is under high pressure. Electricity demand is increasing, renewable energy sources are growing and the electrification of our society is accelerating. All this leads to grid congestion: a situation in which the demand for electricity or its supply exceeds the transmission capacity of the electricity grid.

Grid congestion can wreak havoc on your business plans. Delays in expansions, difficulties in implementing sustainable solutions and even difficulties in connecting to the grid can result. Fortunately, there is a solution: the PowerBooster.

What is a PowerBooster?

A PowerBooster is a intelligent energy system which is specially designed to grid congestion eliminate and help companies accelerate their energy transition. The system consists of a smart combination of battery storage, advanced control software and the integration of renewable energy sources. It acts as a buffer between your business and the grid.

The PowerBooster consists of a combination of:

  • Battery storage: Energy is efficiently stored during periods of low demand and made available during peak times.
  • Advanced control software: This software continuously monitors your energy consumption, dynamically adjusts energy sources and reacts immediately to changes in energy demand.
  • Integration of renewable energy sources: The system is designed to work seamlessly with solar and other renewable sources.

Thanks to the modular and scalable nature of the PowerBooster, it can be tailored to each company's unique needs and is quick to implement.

How does the PowerBooster work against grid congestion?

The PowerBooster acts as a buffer between your company and the grid. During peak times, when demand for electricity is high and the grid is at risk of overloading, the PowerBooster can supply stored energy in its batteries. This relieves the grid and prevents congestion. By store energy during off-peak hours, when demand is low and electricity is cheaper, and use this energy during peak hours, the PowerBooster reduces your company's peak demand on the grid. The PowerBooster can participate in imbalance services. This means it delivers energy back to the grid when there is a shortage.

Key benefits of our PowerBooster:

  • Use of renewable resources: Maximises use of solar energy and can integrate biofuel.
  • Reducing fuel consumption: Helps significantly reduce consumption of traditional fuels.
  • Guaranteed capacity: Provides reliable power capacity under all conditions.
  • Quick response: Can respond quickly to peak demands and fluctuations in the energy grid.
  • Remote monitoring: Provides continuous monitoring and optimisation capabilities 24/7.
  • Service charges included: The service includes all operational costs except primary energy costs.
  • Maintenance-free: No worries about installation or maintenance.
  • Energy efficiency: Ensures energy is always available when needed, achieving optimum cost efficiency.

Frequently asked questions about the Powerbooster

The installation time of the PowerBooster depends on the specific needs of your company and the complexity of your existing energy infrastructure. However, in most cases, installation can be completed within a few weeks. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.

With the PowerBooster, you only pay for the energy you actually use. No large upfront investments are required. Moreover, the PowerBooster can help you save on your energy costs by reducing peak consumption and participating in imbalance services.


The PowerBooster is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing energy infrastructure. Whether you have solar panels or a generator, the PowerBooster can be adapted to your specific situation. Our experts will evaluate your current system and provide a tailor-made solution.

We stand behind the quality and reliability of the PowerBooster. That is why we offer comprehensive warranties on both the hardware and software of the system. In addition, we offer 24/7 monitoring and maintenance to ensure your PowerBooster is always performing optimally.

The PowerBooster is a versatile solution suitable for a wide range of businesses, from manufacturing plants to logistics centres and data centres. If you face grid congestion, high energy costs or the need for a reliable power supply, the PowerBooster could be the right solution for you. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation to find out how the PowerBooster can help your business.

The PowerBooster is distinguished by its intelligent control software, which optimises energy consumption and enables the integration of renewable energy sources. Unlike traditional systems, which often focus only on energy storage, the PowerBooster offers a complete energy management solution, including peakshaving, timeshifting and participation in imbalance services.

About Electroproject

Electroproject has been the expert in energy solutions for more than 80 years. We develop and implement total solutions for companies and governments, aiming to continue, optimise and make business processes more sustainable.

Our specialism Smart Energy Systems is all about balancing and optimising energy systems. After all, how reliable is the energy supply on which your business processes run? What happens in case of a breakdown? Electroproject makes sure you are never without.

A feature of Electroproject is that we have the knowledge and experience to keep the entire process in-house. This allows us to deliver the bespoke approach we are known for. Because we can be of service from design to completion, with Electroproject you can rely on a turnkey solution, or ready to use. But you can also come to us for individual parts and components if you need them.

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