On-Site Measurements

Providing on-site measurements

Electroproject keeps a very wide range of measuring instruments. These instruments combined with our experienced engineers means that we are able to instigate a diverse range of measurements on location. The different types of measurements include:

- Power Quality
- Measurements of communication bus systems (Profibus, Modbus etc.)
- Transient recording
- Voltage and current analysis and recordings (True RMS)
- Harmonic current
- Flicker analysis
- Starting current
- Multi(eight)channel data recording
- Insulation resistance measurements (megger)
- NEN3140 equipment testing
- EMC measurements 
- Thermography

Once all the tests and measurements have been completed, we carry out analyses on the recorded data using different software packages and then give the appropriate recommendations.

Electroproject can assist you with all types of measurements and analysis so that you can always make the right decisions.

For more information, please contact  our service department on telephone number: 088-4849281