The diversity of repair services covers all sorts of frequency drives and DC drives, right through to pressure transducers and GTV DC power supply units. Part of the work consists of analysing breakdowns in order to find immediate solutions, thereby ensuring greater operational security. Although this part usually remains out of view, it is nonetheless of vital importance.

When rapid repairs are needed, the work is given priority on the basis of a contract, or an additional charge. We call this 'first on bench'.

The electronics workshop is not just limited to working on our own Electroproject products, but it also works with the same care and attention on product ranges supplied by Electroproject, including:


Siemens frequency regulators
(Masterdrives and Sinamics drives)
Siemens electric motors
Siemens softstarters
Siemens braking choppers
Vacon frequency drives
Elin EBG frequency drives
Elin EBG braking choppers

Saftronics Softstarters
GTV DC power supply units
Kendrion Hahn door magnets 
Kendrion Hahn Industrial solenoids
Klaus Fischer pressure transducers
Micotrol thyristor drives  
Reel synchronic reluctance motors