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Expert support from our experienced engineers

At Electroproject, we always go for the highest possible result for the customer. After all, exploiting the possibilities of technology to the fullest is what drives us in our work. This also means that you can count on expert support and assistance from our experienced engineers 24/7, for example in repairs, upgrades, inspections, rentals and measurements.

Support and assistance

Electroproject has a skilled repair department that knows what to do with all types of faulty equipment. We repair our own products and those of our technical partners:

  • Siemens: variable speed drives (Masterdrives and Sinamics drives), electric motors, softstarters, brake choppers
  • Vacon: variable speed drives
  • Elin EBG: variable speed drives, brake choppers
  • Saftronics: softstarters
  • GTV DC power supplies
  • Kendrion, Hahn: door magnets, industrial magnets
  • Klaus Fischer: pressure transducers
  • Micotrol: thyristor controls
    Reel motors

Our analyses aim to get to the root of the problem right away. Do you appreciate an extra quick repair? Then you can make a 'first on bench' arrangement with us on the basis of a contract or a one-off extra charge.


The technology behind the latest control and drive technology continues to evolve. That is why we are regularly active in modernising existing installations. This includes hardware modifications (from filters to IO printing and EMC requirements), but also extending the software functionality of our own microcontroller products such as Airwheel and Flowspeed, as well as third-party software for controlling IPC and PLC platforms.

Spare parts

Do you need spare parts? Electroproject can supply most parts of both old and new products from Siemens, Danfoss (Vacon) and Cummins, among others. We do so at any location worldwide. See the full range in our webshop. For extra fast delivery or guaranteed availability, you can have spare parts included in an SLA.


Is one of your drives defective? Then you can hire a temporary replacement from us to bridge the repair period. If you want to test a frequency inverter or softstarter, you can also rent one from us, from small to high power. If you want, we will also give you installation and adjustment instructions with it. And is your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) faulty? Then you can hire a temporary static or dynamic UPS from us to bridge the repair or conversion period of your project. The UPS is delivered in a container and may or may not be assembled with a diesel engine.


Emergency power plants have been covered by the Activities Decree since 2016. This means they are considered combustion plants. Electroproject can provide the inspections associated with this. Each installation must be inspected in accordance with SCIOS scope 4.

If the installation also has an external fuel tank, an additional inspection comes into play. Fuel lines in fact fall under SCIOS scope 7C. The inspection frequency depends on the installed capacity. Emergency power systems with an installed capacity greater than 100 kW thermal must be inspected once every two years. If the installed capacity is smaller, once every four years is sufficient.

Emergency power systems smaller than 20 kW thermal are not subject to inspection. Do you also use your emergency power system for 'personal gain'? In other words: do you generate energy with it or do you use it for peak shaving? Then an emission measurement in accordance with SCIOS scope 6 is also necessary. Finally, if your emergency power installation operates more than 500 hours a year, you need to have it modified to stay within the applicable emission requirements.


At Electroproject, we have a wide range of measuring instruments at our disposal. This allows our experienced technicians to perform a wide range of measurements and analyses, also at your premises. We can analyse the resulting data to then come to a recommendation. We have the following measurements for you:

  • Power quality
  • Measurements on communication bus systems (Profibus, Modbus)
  • Transient recording
  • Voltage and current analysis and recording (True RMS)
  • Harmonic currents
  • Flicker analysis
  • Approach flows
  • Multi-(eight)channel data recording
  • Insulation resistance measurements (low- and high-voltage motor)
  • Testing NEN3140 devices
  • EMC measurements
  • Thermography

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