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All magnets for safe and reliable applications

As a specialist in magnet and protection technology, we supply all kinds of magnets for safe and reliable applications and processes, both in mechanical engineering and fire safety.

Our knowledge

Magnet applications do their work every day, often without you seeing it. Electromagnets are at the heart of it. From central door locks in the car to the safe in the swimming pool - but also in heavier, industrial applications. Electroproject is both supplier, developer and manufacturer in this specialised field.

We combine our wide range of magnet products with our own development capacity and application know-how. We manufacture our GTV power supplies ourselves. This allows us to develop a customised solution for every situation, for every type of pulling, bumping, turning or vibrating movement. This is exactly what Electroproject stands for: the right solution for every application.

Our offer

Fire safety (HVAC)

  • Door magnets
  • Stick and lock magnets
  • GTV power supplies
  • Smoke switches
  • Door alarm units

Mechanical engineering (OEM)

  • Industrial magnets

Our approach

We supply these systems as complete solutions, but we are also happy to serve you if you are looking for a separate product.

Our markets

Whatever you ask, we deliver our solutions and products to diverse customers all over the world.

  • Healthcare
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Industry
  • Attractions
  • Water & Infra
  • Food & Beverage

Door magnets and GTV power supplies for Fire Safety & Security

Door and lock magnets are smart tools for the building installations in, for example, your hospital or office building that protect your premises against fire, but also against burglary. Accesses and passages remain freely passable for your staff. These magnets receive their 24V direct voltage via a separate GTV-A power supply. Does a fire break out? Then the fire alarm control unit switches off the magnetic power supply and the doors are closed via a mechanical door closer. We can supply special locking magnets for securing emergency doors.

Electroproject supplies in-house developed GTV power supplies that provide the DC voltage required for door control systems such as door magnets, electric door closers and electric locks. We currently supply the GTV-A power supply and the GTV-BU backup unit. We apply them in combination with fire alarm control centres and external building management systems. In doing so, you have a choice of five programmes. 

Pull and push magnets for precision mechanics and industry

Electroproject is importer for the Netherlands of the complete range of tensile and impact magnets from Kendrion, Hahn, Binder and Thoma. These magnets find their way as smart and cost-effective solutions in many fine mechanical and industrial applications. Think of machine construction, transport sector, automation technology and material supply systems.

In industry, our tension and impact magnets for valves and valve actuators are often used. The automotive and transport sectors like to use our drive and locking systems. Amusement parks also use our locking magnet systems for extra security.

Vibrating magnets for transport and sorting

Through our partner Kendrion, we also supply vibrating magnets for a wide range of industrial applications in the OEM market - from vibrating chutes and vibrating drums to beaters for silos and drop pipes. You will find vibrating magnets in conveyors for the food sector and sorting machines for sorting and transporting small parts, among others. We can adapt these magnets to your situation or combine them as a total solution.

Our partners

Electroproject is an importer of Kendrion's magnet systems and also cooperates with leading suppliers such as Hekatron, Geofire and Uelfer. This allows us to guarantee global support and availability of components. We always make the choice that best suits your situation independently and without brand preference.

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