Smart Energy Systems

Continuous and reliable energy supply
All possible applications and optimisation of energy processes
Renewables, grid congestion, flexible power and cable pooling

Expertly balancing and optimising energy systems

Our Smart Energy Systems specialism is all about balancing and optimising energy systems. After all, how reliable is the energy supply on which your business processes run? What happens in case of a failure? Electroproject makes sure you are never without.

Our knowledge

At the heart of our energy solutions is the answer to a simple question: how dependent do you want to be on your energy supplier? If you want assurance of business continuity, it makes sense to look at a smart backup system. For this, Electroproject typically combines an emergency power generator with a static or dynamic UPS or long-term energy storage.

In doing so, we pay special attention to ease of operation, durability and reliability. But above all, we create a solution that precisely matches your infrastructure: not too little, not too much. To this end, we compare your business processes with your grid connection and identify the components and moments of the day where you are at risk. In this way, you create your own security with us, precisely tailored to your situation.

Our offer

  • Decentralised support for energy grids
  • Energy storage systems
  • Power quality issues & grid stability
  • Docking stations for trucks and ships
  • Emergency power solutions & UPS and associated controls
  • Power management and energy management systems
  • Predictive maintenance & remote monitoring
  • SCIOS inspections 4 and 7c

Our approach

As a total solution, we create a reliable, uninterrupted energy supply without dips and outages. We also balance and optimise the contribution of renewable wind and solar energy to the grid via energy storage and smart management systems. We are also the right place for individual components of your backup system.

Our markets

With our emergency power and energy systems, we serve a wide variety of customers and markets, from governments and industry to data centres and hospitals.

  • Healthcare
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Government
  • IT & Telecom
  • Industry
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Renewable energy & grids

Continuous and reliable energy supply

A continuous and reliable power supply is vital for many different markets. Data centres, for example, need to operate 24/7 all year round, and for government agencies it is crucial that systems always remain up and confidential data available. In industry, every hour or even every minute of lost production costs money, and in healthcare, a continuous energy supply is even vital.

Electroproject has all the knowledge and experience to develop the most optimal solution for you in terms of emergency power, control and (battery and flywheel) UPS systems. In case of long-term mains failure, we switch to emergency power within 15 seconds. This gives you that certainty. Our construction is modular, which means we can also be of service to you in the event of any expansion of your energy needs after delivery.  

Renewables and grid congestion

At the same time, you should also seize opportunities in the field of sustainability and energy saving and continuously optimise your (energy) systems through innovation. For companies, we also offer solutions to store sustainably, locally generated energy and make it available later, e.g. for electric transport or own use.

We can also deploy this to solve local grid congestion and Power Quality problems and achieve continuous energy supply. By deploying our Power Management and Energy Management Systems, we can optimally match renewable generated energy, consumption and storage.

Flexible power and cable pooling

Our solutions also enable you to use your assets and infrastructure more broadly, making them more profitable. We make your new or existing power generation and storage systems suitable for operating in the energy market, e.g. for the R1 (FCR), R2 (Control Power) and R3 (Emergency Power) markets. You can use your assets for a fee to contribute to the stability of the public energy grid. To this end, we analyse your energy consumption and needs and advise you on how to deploy your assets for the energy market.

We have also developed a control system that enables 'cable pooling' for different renewable energy generators. This makes optimal use of the existing electricity infrastructure to transmit the generated energy, e.g. solar fields and wind turbines on the same cable.

Our partners

Electroproject only cooperates with renowned partners such as Active Power, Piller, Cummins, Mitsubishi Electric and Onis Visa. This allows us to guarantee global support and availability of components. We always make the choice that best suits your situation independently and without brand preference.

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