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More than 80 years of reliable expertise in drive technology
Special expertise of large drive systems
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Electroproject & Siemens: Your partner for optimum drive technology

Are you struggling to optimise the efficiency of your machines? Or are you looking for reliable drive systems that keep your business processes running smoothly? Then Electroproject is the right place for you. As a proud partner of Siemens, we offer you the latest technologies, customised expertise and a reliable partner for all your drive needs.

Electroproject, part of Equans, has been an expert in energy and drive technology for more than 80 years. Our partnership with Siemens began in 1987, with the aim of better serving customers in the water industry. We are now a certified partner for the entire Siemens Drives & Motion portfolio. For our customers, this partnership means access to the latest technologies, tailored expertise and a reliable partner for all your drive needs.

"Electroproject and Siemens have built up a lot of knowledge and experience together, especially in the field of large drive systems. The partnership allows us to deliver more value for our customers."
Ronald Waaijer
Electroproject account manager

A valuable partnership

As a Drives & Motion partner, we specialise in the integration, implementation and maintenance of drive and motion technologies from Siemens. To this end, we work closely with Siemens to provide advanced solutions for automating machines, production lines or entire plants.

The collaboration between Siemens and Electroproject is aimed at providing high-quality technology and services to improve the efficiency, productivity and flexibility of your processes.

Key milestones

  • 1987: Launch of our collaboration aimed at improvements in the water industry.
  • 2009: Expansion into the Large Drives Applications (LDA) portfolio, thanks to our expertise in large drive systems from 150 kW to 85 MW.
  • 2023: Continued partnership as a certified partner for the entire Drives & Motion portfolio, even after the carve-out of Siemens' Large Drives division.

Optimal & continuous movement of machines and systems

Electroproject specialises in optimising the movement of machines and systems -. precise, dynamic and above all non-stop. This way, the continuity of your business process is not compromised and your machines or installations are never at a standstill.

We integrate advanced Siemens technologies such as the Sinamics drive family. These technologies are known for their versatility, high power range and offer unique advantages such as:

  • Precise control: Precise control of your machines for optimum performance.
  • Dynamic performance: Quick response and adaptability for demanding applications.
  • High reliability: Minimal chance of failure for uninterrupted business processes.

Above all, the knowledge and experience of large and complex drive systems makes Electroproject special. In doing so, Electroproject has experience in drive technology in various sectors such as:

  • (Harbour) cranes
  • Building automation
  • Renewable energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • (Process) industry


As a Siemens partner, we offer the following services to our customers:

  • Consultancy: We offer expert tailor-made advice for all your drive issues.
  • Engineering: Our engineers design efficient and reliable drive systems.
  • Installation: We provide seamless installation of new systems and components.
  • Maintenance & management: We offer comprehensive maintenance and management services to ensure the optimal operation of your systems.
  • Retrofit of existing systems: We adapt your existing systems to optimise and modernise them.
  • Supply of individual components: We supply high-quality components for your installations.

Our approach ensures that we always go for the most optimal result, whether it is a complete project or the supply of individual components.

Why choose Electroproject?

As an Electroproject customer, you will benefit from the advantages resulting from our close collaboration with Siemens

  • Innovative technologies
  • Sustainability through energy-efficient solutions
  • High-quality products and services that meet strict Siemens standards.
  • Access to a wide network of specialists for tailor-made solutions.
  • Priority for new developments

Electroproject offers comprehensive support and service, including 24/7 support, repairs, software and hardware updates and spare parts supply. We ensure that your systems continue to perform optimally so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Electroproject is part of EQUANS, global player in renewable energy and technical services. EQUANS' vision is also our vision: sustainable society, decentralisation of energy solutions, digitalisation and new service models. This offers you the security that comes with the large-scale projects you entrust to us.

Our solutions do their work every day worldwide in a wide range of markets - from theme parks to water boards, from data centres to hospitals, from retail to heavy industry, from transport to energy suppliers, from offshore to governments and cultural institutions. So we really are at home in all markets.

Success story:

A great example of our successful implementations is the development of a sustainable lifting solution for wind turbine maintenance, in cooperation with KenzFigee. These all-electric cranes operate on electricity from the wind turbine itself, which is not only sustainable but also offers operational benefits for wind farm operators.

Frequently asked questions

Siemens drive technology is versatile and can be applied in a variety of sectors, including (process) industry, ports, infrastructure, utilities and renewable energy. Whether you want to optimise your production line, improve the efficiency of your cranes or save energy in your building automation, Siemens has the right solution for you.


Sinamics drive systems offer precise control, dynamic performance and high reliability. This translates into optimum performance, rapid response to changing conditions and minimal risk of breakdowns, allowing your business processes to continue uninterrupted.


Yes, Electroproject specialises in retrofitting existing systems. We can upgrade your outdated drive systems with the latest Siemens technology, allowing you to benefit from improved efficiency, performance and reliability.

Sure: Electroproject offers comprehensive maintenance and management services, including 24/7 support, repairs, software and hardware updates and spare parts supply. This way, we ensure that your drive systems will always perform optimally.

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation. Our experts are ready to answer your questions and work with you to see how Siemens drive technology can improve your business processes.

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