Customer case: KenzFigee

Customer: KenzFigee
Market: Renewable energy & grids
Solution: Electric drive and control of cranes for wind turbine maintenance


  • Green solution with battery pack for extra power
  • Heaviest crane operates on power windmill and without external diesel generator
  • Battery pack is charged with regenerative energy from sinking load
  • Developed working prototype in year

Electroproject helped Zaanse crane manufacturer KenzFigee develop a unique green lifting solution for wind turbine maintenance. The cranes on top of the turbines can now do their work completely electrically, on the power of the turbine itself. This eliminates the need for a giant crane to lift parts to the top.

To replace a rotor, three cranes need to be installed on the wind turbine. Electroproject was engaged to provide electrical control of the cranes' winch system. With a battery pack, the largest crane gets enough energy to hoist the rotor. The regenerative energy released during lowering is used to recharge the batteries: a smart and unique solution in the wind turbine market. Electroproject collaborated on the design philosophy and did the engineering, adding value to the project.

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