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Kendrion lecturer magnet
Bi-stable finger swivel magnet for automated shuttle systems

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At Electroproject, we work with a team of 55 people. All share the same passion for technology and good service. Whether it is engineering for Electrical drives, Industrial magnet technology or Energy generation systems. We like to look at your installation or application with you, and go for the solution that suits you best.

What can we do for you?

Passion, team spirit and thorough knowledge of the market are crucial factors for the success of a project. Indispensable elements here are good suppliers and partners. As an importer and system partner of renowned manufacturers such as Kendrion (including Kuhnke, Binder, Hahn and Thoma), Geofire and Hekatron, Electroproject can help you do just that.

We combine our wide range of magnet products with our own development capacity and application know-how. We produce the GTV power supplies ourselves. So we have a suitable solution for almost every situation. This makes Electroproject a strong player in this specialist market. This is exactly what Electroproject stands for: "the right solution for the right application" for every type of pulling, bumping, turning or vibrating movement.

Pull, bump, rotary and vibration magnets for the precision engineering and OEM industries

Pull and punch magnets are used in industry for various applications due to their ability to generate and control mechanical linear movements. You will find our magnets in vibrating chutes and vibrating drums but also as drives for conveyors for the food sector, sorting machines, luggage lockers and the like.


  • Actuators and Robotics: Holding brakes, mechanical couplings, tensile and impact magnets that act as locking and linear actuators in automation systems, performing mechanical linear or rotary movements for moving, rotating or locking rotary movements and components.
  • Conveyor belts: Vibration magnets, adhesive bump and rotary magnets for sorting or moving products on conveyor belts. See the instruction video Of the rotating finger magnet for shuttle systems.
  • Electric hose valves: suitable for PVC or silicone hose: for dosing in dialysis equipment in the medical industry, watering control systems in agriculture or flow control for bottling lines.
  • Automatic doors are often fitted with locking magnets for locking industrial automatic doors, gates and barriers.
  • Locking mechanisms: where pin locks are used in locking mechanisms of machinery to ensure safety by blocking access to moving parts.

The AGT Market

Example applications are frequently found in the AGF market. This market, in which many sorting machines are used, lends itself perfectly to the use of rotary magnets, among other things. For the transport of fruit and vegetables, on the other hand, vibrating magnets are often used. Each application has its own magnet solution.

Door magnets, adhesive magnets and magnetic locking systems for the utility market

Door and lock magnets are innovative products that are an integral part of door-closing systems, controlled by fire and security systems in your building. They are used in office buildings, hospitals and care centres, among others.

GTV power supplies

Electroproject supplies 12 Vdc and 24 Vdc GTV-A power supplies and the GTV-BU battery backup power supplies that provide DC voltage for door control systems such as door magnets, electric door closers and electric locks. These power supplies are used in combination with fire alarm control centres and external building management systems. You can choose from ten different programmes. For more information about our door magnets and GTV-A power supplies, please see our brochures at shop.electroproject.co.uk.

Need technical innovation and expertise?

Electroproject serves its extensive customer base across the globe. From builders of production machines, amusement park rides and transport installations to water boards hospitals and building services installation companies.

Contact us without obligation

Wondering what we can do for you? Then feel free to contact our specialists Ronald Olff and Maurits Simaela.

Contact us without obligation

Wondering what we can do for you? Then contact our specialist Ronald Olff without obligation.

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