Drive & control technology

Optimal and reliable movement of machines and systems
Making the most of drive possibilities through smart projecting
Customisation & Retrofit: Optimisation and integration of existing installations

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Optimal and continuous movement of machines and systems

In our Drive & Control Technology specialism, we focus on the optimum movement of machines and systems - precisely, dynamically and above all non-stop. Thus, the continuity of your business process is not compromised and your machines or systems never stand still.

Our knowledge

The secret of electric drives is the way the pump, electric motor and inverter work together. That listens very closely. We have the knowledge to select the right systems and components and then match them properly. Moreover, we are able to develop components ourselves.

For example, in our highly dynamic sensorless & ironless drive systems, we use self-developed variable speed drives, patented sensorless control and ironless linear synchronous electric motors. We have also distinguished ourselves in healthcare thanks to a self-developed pressure and flow control system.

Our offer

  • Drive cabinets
  • Equal and short-circuit tank motors
  • Low- and high-voltage frequency converters
  • Softstarters
  • Process control systems
  • Pressure sensors
  • Proximity sensors

Our approach

We design and build new, fully integrated systems and deliver them turnkey. But we also adapt existing systems, with the latest drive technology and all the advice around it, or supply individual components for your installation, from frequency converters to DC controls and electric motors. 

Our markets

We supply our solutions and products all over the world, to a variety of customers: from attraction builders to water boards and from machine builders to large-scale industry.

  • Attractions
  • Healthcare & Commercial Real Estate
  • Industry
  • Cranes
  • Water & Infra
  • On- & Offshore

Attractions: A new attraction design

The construction of a new attraction requires a lot of thought. We are happy to contribute to this by designing, developing, supplying and commissioning the technology for your attraction. We offer shock-free, electrically linear drives with minimum downtime and high resolution in data logging. If required, we can monitor your installation remotely, anywhere in the world, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We detect anomalies very precisely by analysing status changes in the technical inputs and outputs of switches and software.

Healthcare: solutions for your cooling or heating process

Pumps and fans are essential machines in many building-related processes in the HVAC market. With our knowledge of electrical drive technology and process controls, we can realise energy savings and process optimisation for you in your boiler houses and cooling towers, resulting in less downtime and maintenance. We are also happy to include climate control, building automation and heat and cold storage. Do you need separate electric motors, frequency inverters, pressure transmitters or heating controllers? We can supply these to you, too. And with our 24/7 fault-clearing service, we are always there for you.

Industry: Reliable industrial plants

Industrial equipment is best enjoyed when it is reliable, always available and future-proof. That means getting the most out of your machinery thanks to innovation, with continuous improvements aimed at energy savings and sustainability. Electroproject provides exactly the solutions you need: economically sound, technologically advanced, sustainable and innovative. And because it is about more than just the machine, we are happy to help you with engineering, regulations, process optimisation and commissioning. Our global service also ensures long-term quality and reliability.

Cranes: Hoisting and lifting, on land or at sea

It is a job in itself, but for Electroproject it is daily work: providing a reliable drive system for cranes, winches and tensioners. Even for hoisting, lifting or pulling the heaviest weights, we supply a suitable high-dynamic drive system, on land but also on working vessels. We cover the entire range of variants: AC or DC drives, common DC bus or stand-alone controls, water or air cooling, with or without braking energy. And of course you can also come to us for individual frequency converters, DC controls or motors.

Water & Infra: modernising water infrastructure

Electroproject has been making an important contribution to the modernisation of the (Dutch) water infrastructure for many years. Several pumping stations, pumping stations, bridges and locks have already benefited from our knowledge and experience in the field of electric motors. For example, because they have been given a special technical solution - think of a motor that can only run at 100 revolutions instead of the usual 1500 - or because we have been able to save on energy consumption or maintenance costs.

On- & Offshore: Propulsion and bow thruster drives

For the navy, our solutions provide electrification of propulsion and bow thruster drives. Our systems meet the requirements of relevant inspection bodies such as Lloyds and DNV.

Our partners

Electroproject only cooperates with renowned partners such as Danfoss, Vacon, Siemens, Reel, Schneider and Kostal. This allows us to guarantee worldwide support and availability of components. We always make the choice that best suits your situation independently and without brand preference.

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