Customer case: Hulshoff

Customer: Hulshoff
Market: Transport & Logistics
Solution: Sustainable and circular energy system


  • Combined solar panels, batteries and charging stations
  • 3100 solar panels with combined output of 868 kWp
  • Batteries with maximum capacity of 1,000 kWh
  • Sustainability increased through application of used batteries
  • Charging electric trucks and passenger cars
  • Smart control by energy management system

Electroproject pulled out all the stops to realise an innovative circular energy system at Amsterdam-based family business Hulshoff, specialist in project removals, city distribution and circular furniture. The system cleverly combines solar panels, charging stations and battery storage into a fully self-sufficient energy solution. Hulshoff thus anticipates the ambitions set out by the municipality of Amsterdam in the Clean Air Action Plan. The municipality wants to accelerate emission-free transport and only allow electric transport in the city centre.

An energy management system optimises solar energy production to minimise dependence on the power grid. In doing so, the system is not only sustainable, but even circular. EQUANS chose used batteries that have had a previous life in a data centre. By gradually charging and discharging the batteries, they can last for a long time. The smart management system also manages this process. During the night, the trucks are gradually charged with solar power harvested during the day. Meanwhile, during the day, employees' electric cars can be charged.

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