Customer case: Indutecc

Customer: Indutecc
Market: IT & telecoms
Solution: Smart and sustainable backup energy storage at KPN Amersfoort data centre


  • Higher green score as commitment to sustainable solution
  • 160 Fire-safe and circular NiMH batteries from Nilar for a total of 200 KWh
  • 240 KW of inverters from Ferroamp
  • Container setup
  • Solar field for charging batteries
  • Smart deployment of solar energy by trading on energy imbalance market

Electroproject helped battery supplier Indutecc Renewable Solutions realise smart and sustainable battery storage in KPN's telephone exchange in Amersfoort. The new batteries are now not only used as a back-up in case of power cuts, but also store or supply green electricity to the energy imbalance market via solar panels.

For the pilot, Electroproject created an easy-to-install test rig in a container, even though Nilar's NiMH batteries do not require additional fireproofing measures - which do apply to Li-ion batteries. In doing so, Electroproject thought along about ways to further fine-tune the solution so that the batteries are actually used at green times. Together with Indutecc and Electroproject, KPN is now looking at ways to expand the solution and eventually install it indoors in more data centres.

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