Customer case: ADNOC Drilling

Customer: ADNOC Drilling
Market: ON- & Offshore
Solution: 12 12 AST systems for drilling operations in Abu Dhabi


  • Proven and reliable method for 'stick-slip' attenuation
  • Stand-alone application on all drilling rigs, independent of manufacturer
  • 20-30% faster drilling operations
  • Easier to use than other systems

ADNOC Drilling purchased 12 Advanced Softtorque (AST) systems from Electroproject for its drilling operations in Abu Dhabi. With its 91 rigs, ADNOC Drilling is one of the largest drilling companies in the Middle East and has ambitions to be known as the company with the most efficient way of extracting oil & gas.

That efficiency can be greatly increased by preventing the bit from jamming during drilling, or 'stick-slip' in the jargon of the oil and gas sector. After a long research and tender process, ADNOC decided to use Electroproject's Advanced Softtorque system, a patented system that uses the latest generation of stick-slip technology.

AST systems from Electroproject can be used on all top electric drives, regardless of brand or version and with proven performance in horizontal drilling operations. This makes it applicable for ADNOC on all its drilling rigs. Thanks to AST's autotuning function, the system is extra user-friendly and time-saving. Added to this are numerous unique data logging options for service and management information. Together, this ensures that drilling operations can be carried out up to 30% faster. As a result, fuel consumption and associated CO2-emissions lower.

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