Customer case: IHC SAS

Customer: IHC SAS
Market: On- & Offshore
Solution: Complete drive panels for pipeline installation on board workboat


  • IHC SAS: Three pipe layers and two drive cabins, 1900 kW and 1600 kW
  • Smart projection: optimum use of power and panel space
  • Water cooling system makes air conditioning in E-room unnecessary
  • 20 years of cooperation
  • Development, engineering, production of the cabinets, commissioning
  • Cooperation with Siemens

For shipbuilder IHC SAS, Electroproject completed a major project in which it created the propulsion system for tensioner vessel Seven Navica Constant.

For this loyal customer, Electroproject managed to make optimal use of the power and space in each panel. A water-cooled installation also eliminated the need for air conditioning in the E-room. Indeed, the water cooling now provided cooling for the drive system. Electroproject took care of the projects from development to commissioning and was able to bring them to a successful conclusion partly due to a close partnership with Siemens.

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