Customer case: HH Rijnland

Customer: Rhineland Water Board
Market: Water & Infra
Solution: Replacement of diesel engines with four direct-drive motors with variable speed drives for Katwijk pumping station


  • Four frequency-controlled, high-pole electric motors of 900 kW at 63 rpm
  • Direct drive system: drive without gearbox intervention
  • Capacity increased from 54m3/min to 94m3/min and 20% energy and CO2 reduction
  • Turnkey project ensures higher efficiency, energy savings and CO2 reduction
  • Cooperation with Flowserve

Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland began renovating boezem pumping station Gouda years ago. Part of the renovation included replacing the old diesel engines in the pumps with a new electric drive system. The goal: CO2 reduction. Electroproject supplied a silent electric motor with frequency converter for this purpose.

Electroproject has now gained a lot of experience in electrifying storage basin pumping stations. As a solution, we recommended and delivered a low-noise slow runner type electric motor. 

This allowed the mechanical gearbox to be dropped, resulting in higher efficiency of the drive system, lower CO2 emissions and lower maintenance costs. The latter was possible because maintenance of the gearbox was no longer required. An additional advantage of the low-noise solution is that the pumping station is now also used as a museum and for educational purposes. To show what the system used to look like, an old diesel engine has remained.

Rhineland Water Board is pleased with the result. With the completion of the complete renovation, yet another hydraulic work has been delivered that contributes to maintaining dry feet in Rhineland's area now and in the future.

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