Customer case: Rijkswaterstaat

Customer: Rijkswaterstaat
Market: Water & Infrastructure
Solution: Conversion of pumping stations to turbines rotating in two directions


  • Turbines that pump as well as convert kinetic energy of falling water into electricity
  • Maintenance-friendly low-voltage motor
  • Frequency converter enabling pump to supply reliable energy to the grid
  • Customer very well taken care of

With the conversion of the pumping stations at Born, Electroproject has made an innovative contribution to Rijkswaterstaat's sustainability goals.

The conversion makes it possible to use the kinetic energy to generate electricity from the water spilled into the Born-Maasbracht Canal to maintain the level for shipping traffic in this Limburg canal.

According to Rijkswaterstaat, Electroproject's total package turned out favourably: partly due to the combination of price/quality and partly because Electroproject proposed a low-voltage motor, which does not need to be maintained by specially trained high-voltage mechanics. Moreover, Electroproject supplied a frequency converter that delivers the right voltage to the grid regardless of the speed of the pump. Together with the contractor who had to renovate the locks, Electroproject proved to be a party that could very well relieve Rijkswaterstaat.

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