Customer case: Rederij de Nederlanden

Customer: Shipping company the Netherlands
Market: Water & Infra
Solution: Sustainable electric propulsion for canal boats


  • Development of electric propulsion
  • Taking care of shipping inspection approval
  • Battery energy management system
  • Multi-input power supply system
  • 24V/230V supply for onboard power supply
  • Motors and variable speed drives for propulsion
  • Support lease contract batteries

As a rule, canal boats run on diesel engines, but the municipality of Amsterdam required 0% emissions to address particulate matter issues. Electroproject took up the challenge for Rederij De Nederlanden and developed the propulsion system for propulsion, battery power supply, energy management system and domestic operation required for party activities.

In doing so, Electroproject did not opt for a classic one-to-one translation from diesel drive to electric drive. Instead, we took an integral approach of motor and inverter. In doing so, we established an ingenious link between the inverter and various types of power supplies.

The result is a 45-kilowatt (about 60 hp) electric motor powered by 400-volt shore power, a generator or batteries under the ship's deck. But solar cells or alternative fuel cell technologies could also eventually set the propeller in motion. Average consumption is about 7kW/hour. By charging the batteries with night power, the cost of this does not exceed €1. Rederij de Nederlanden can now sail for 10 10 hours continuously on batteries.

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