Customer case: Smurfit Kappa

Customer: Smurfit Kappa
Market: Industry
Solution: Modifying inverter for pulping machine at variable speed


  • Inverter running pulping machine variably
  • Energy saving
  • Improving raw material quality
  • Including high voltage and installation work

By varying the electric motor of a pulper at Smurfit Kappa Parenco in Renkum, Electroproject has made a significant contribution to making the paper producer's production line more efficient.

With the variable-speed motor, Smurfit Kappa saves energy, but the quality of the raw material is also improved. Electroproject, with the help of parent company EQUANS, merged knowledge and expertise in electric motors, high voltage and technical installation.

It was a complex challenge, but Electroproject found a solution in the form of modified power cells, new software and a new physical controller. It also involved quite a few modifications to the high-voltage room in which the motor is located. Together with EQUANS, Electroproject laid new high-voltage cables and realised additional cooling for the inverter. Renewed network connections, lighting and increased fire safety were also part of the project. The conversion took place during two periodic maintenance stops.

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