Customer case: Ziggo Dome

Customer: Ziggo Dome
Market: Art & culture
Solution: Energy-efficient air treatment and sustainable heating/cooling of concert hall


  • 21 large and 42 small fans in air handling units
  • Energy savings through 60 VACON 100 AC drives
  • Heat pump with heat and cold storage
  • Separate zones where air can be fully refreshed within 20 minutes

Things can get hot at Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome. Every year, nearly 1 million visitors come to this popular music and dance palace. Then, during an event provide a pleasant climate , a lot of heating, cooling and air exchange is needed. 

Ziggo Dome outsourced the air treatment and heating/cooling of the building to Electroproject.

A solution emerged in which temperature and air quality can be controlled in separate zones. The installation can refresh the entire hall in 20 minutes: that amounts to 600,000 m3 of fresh air. For heating and cooling, the Ziggo Dome opted for a green solution: a heat pump with underground heat and cold storage.

For both air handling and heating/cooling, Electroproject used VACON variable speed drives, which control the drive of all pumps. A key reason for the choice is that these drives are fault-free and easy to use. Combined with an axial fan and a PM motor, they increase the system efficiency of an air handling unit from 60% to 81-85%. These high-efficiency solutions contribute to a smooth energy transition as well as keeping energy costs down.

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