Customer case: Catharina Hospital

Customer: Catharina Hospital
Market: Healthcare
Solution: Completion of total emergency power solution with maintenance contract for top clinical hospital


  • Emergency generators, remote cooling, ventilation exhaust systems, fuel installation and control of emergency power plant
  • Installed power: 3 x 2,250 kVA 10.5 KV
  • Continuity within 15 seconds in case of grid failure
  • VO/DO design, engineering, delivery, installation and commissioning
  • Cooperation with Cummins and EQUANS
  • 15-year maintenance contract

Electroproject, in collaboration with EQUANS, built a new emergency power plant for the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven (CZE). The CZE was looking for a new emergency power solution at 10KV level, with an installed capacity of 6600kVA.

Our plan of action and chosen solution to the issue were a good match with the CZE's demand: the solution was distinctive, gave confidence and aligned with the UAVGC of CZE and their consultants.

Electroproject then made the design for the emergency power installation in collaboration with EQUANS. After engineering, Electroproject took care of the supply, realisation and commissioning of the Cummins emergency power units, the remote cooling, the ventilation exhaust systems, the fuel installation and the control of the emergency power plant.

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