Customer case: Radboud UMC

Customer: Radboud UMC
Market: Healthcare
Solution: Self-developed battery backup for GTV power supplies for access and emergency doors new wing


  • 21 GTV-A 250 and 21 GTV-BU 250 battery backup power supplies
  • Maintaining at least 60 minutes of power in case of power failure for all hold-open and locking devices of the access and emergency doors
  • Due to built-in DC-DC converter output voltage in battery operation constant during entire backup time
  • Consultancy, engineering, manufacturing, delivery and implementation
  • Collaboration with Trebbe, Van Wijnen, ENGIE Services and Unica.

In collaboration with Croon Wolter Dros, Electroproject supplied 21 GTV-BU 250 battery backup power supplies for a new construction project of Radboud UMC in Nijmegen. Radboud UMC also immediately purchased 21 GTV-A 250 power supplies with it.

The advantage of the backup solution is that, in the event of a power failure, it continues to power all holding and locking devices in the new wing for at least 60 minutes. Thus, in the event of a disaster, all access and emergency doors retain their function without compromising security functionality.

As an importer of Kendrion magnet systems and manufacturer of GTV power supplies, Electroproject supplies the Fire Safety & Security market with the most innovative solutions for all types of door locking and door retention systems with industry-leading quality, excellent service and a market-based price. Our products are available from wholesalers nationwide. Electroproject is not only importer, but also innovation partner of Kendrion. Check out our full range in our webshop.

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